The Ultimate Off-Season Oregon Road Trip – Roulette Travel Guide

Day 11 – Roadtripping up the Coast

Route from While this just shows our begin and end points, you can use the roadtrippers app to find an endless array of viewpoints and attractions along the highway coast. Or just wing it – you can’t go wrong!

The inevitable longest drive of the trip was on Day 11 as we drove the five hours (not counting food, gas and viewpoint stops) and 257 miles from Crescent City, California back up to Lincoln City in Oregon. Luckily – time sort of melts by on a route such as this one – as there were non-stop views just about the entire way.

Our first stop was at the beautiful Arch Rock Picnic Area viewpoint – which – you guessed it – has an incredible rock arch out in the surf. We lucked out with a crystal clear day and once again only 1-2 other travelers to share the view with. Its definitely worth a quick pulloff from the highway.

Continuing on and up the coast, we came to another incredible lookout point that gave us a view of some at the Cape Meares scenic viewpoint. While we didn’t have time to stop, there are also local ‘seal cave’ tours nearby that supposedly give you a much more intimate experience. Either way – pull just off the highway and with some binoculars you might be able to see the seals from above.

I finished up the day with a sunset after we dropped our things off in Lincoln City at the AirBnB. I had wanted to link up with a fellow drone pilot for some flying along the beach, but we had arrived a bit too late so I set out on my own. Lincoln City offered several great beaches (I heard good things about Cannon Beach), but I only had time to hit the one just down the beach from the Chinook Winds Casino and Resort, which provides most of the revenue and jobs for the town. Regardless – I enjoyed my short amount of time there.

Day 12 & 13 – Back to Portland and Heading Home

And – that’s a wrap on the trip. From Lincoln City, we headed back to Portland for one final night to pack up and rest a bit before flying back home the next day. It was an incredible trip – and I hope that you’ve been inspired to go and visit Oregon yourself!

Or, if you don’t have the time to get out there – give the documentary from the trip a watch – you won’t regret it (unless you end up purchasing plane tickets after watching)!

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