Cracks and Crevasses Adventure

For those looking to add some caving to their adventure upstate, this is the adventure for you! The dissected plateau that created the Catskill Mountains left behind hundreds of opportunities to explore some small spaces between large boulders. While we hike through the Northeast section of the Catskills State Park, we will explore the miniature caves, crevasses and grottos created by the rock slides and boulders deposited after the last ice age! While they are not true ‘caves’ formed by water underground – they are still an incredible visit!

This hike is a full day trip, and will take us 5-6 hours to complete! Overall, the total distance is about 6 miles. Finally, we will finish the day at a beautiful mountaintop with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Throughout the day, you will experience both challenges and incredible views, while we work to capture some candid moments through the day, so you can really unplug and immerse!

Tour Details

  • Begins in Tannersville, NY – 40 minutes from the Hudson Amtrak Station, or 2.5 hours from Manhattan
  • Approximately 5-6 hours, with several breaks throughout
  • Some prior hiking experience encouraged
  • Snacks, Lunch and refreshments provided during trip (please ask about different options!)
  • iPhone pictures airdropped (or emailed for android users) to you at the end of the hike!


  • $349 for groups of up to four guests
  • $90 per person to join an existing group – pending availability (please inquire about upcoming dates)


To book or inquire about a tour, please fill out a form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within a few hours or less)

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