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Want to have your product tested, reviewed, and promoted to a network of over 30,000 travelers, adventurers and millennials?  Would you like your gear to be demo’d or provided to several hundred guests per year at one of our experience destinations, or featured in a video shot on location? If so, you are in the right place!

Why Sponsor Roulette Travel?

I offer a variety of ways to provide you or your organization with more value than you would expect from a typical sponsorship. Here’s what sets a Roulette Travel Sponsorship apart and puts your dollars to the best use:

  • I am a Licensed Hiking Guide. By trade, I guide people who are new to hiking and the outdoors – and extremely impressionable in terms of gear and service recommendations. I typically have around 350 guests each year.
  • I have an outdoor/adventure/travel niche instagram following of just over 28,000 followers, where I share my travels, adventures and outdoor lifestyle across photos and story posts.
  • My YouTube videos typically get at least 40 hours of captive audience viewership in the first few months, with feature videos reaching over 1,000 hours of watch time. In the last 365 days, I have garnered 1,700 hours of watch time across 18,000 views.
  • I am an FAA Licensed Drone Pilot, and can add an aerial aspect to the content provided for your internal marketing team.
  • I am an excellent writer, and produce well written blogs and content on that can be re-used by your organization
  • When I believe in and truly love a product/service/company, I continue to promote long after sponsorship period ends

Available Sponsored Content

  • HD Video of product in use
  • YouTube Video Reviews
  • B-Roll footage of product in use or applicable to brand
  • Cinematic video of product placement
  • Placement on Roulette Travel Sponsors page (amazon store)
  • Placement in Roulette Travel Gear Bag
  • High quality blog posts
  • Use, disbursement or demo to hiking clients, when applicable
  • Instagram Feed Posts w/product use/endorsement
  • Instagram Story Posts w/product use/endorsement and direct link to your website
  • Placement on AirBnB listing (1,500+ monthly views from travelers)
  • And more!

Please review our most common sponsorship combinations below, but feel free to request any combination of the above, or even something that you don’t see!

Basic – $125

  • Unboxing story post on Instagram, with “Swipe Up” feature directly to your website or order form.
  • 2 story posts on Instagram featuring product in use, with “Swipe Up” feature directly to your website or order form
  • 5 Photos sent to you or your team for use in marketing

Outfitter – $500 

  • Includes everything from Basic, in addition to
  • 6 Month Listing in My Gear Bag
  • Disbursement, demo or loan to hiking tour clients for 1 season
  • Contingent on gear type, 1 instagram feed post with tag of the company
  • Organic blog post on that contains links to your product.

Expedition – $1,000

  • Includes everything from Outfitter, in addition to
  • Combines everything from Gold trip sponsorship
  • At least 10 seconds during featured travel video that includes your product or gear
  • Opening and ending credit in featured video
  • Completion of detailed pros/cons review on up to two review websites of company’s choice
  • 3 Product or Service Quotes and Endorsement to use for your own marketing purposes
  • YouTube Review

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I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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