My Gear Bag

Clients and colleagues often ask about the gear that I use and recommend – browse below to see what I use and travel with, what I think about it, what you should think about when shopping on your own, and more!

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Winter Gear

Surviving the winter elements doesn’t have to be hard – click here to see how I stay warm in temperatures close to 0.


Click here to learn about the cameras that I use and recommend


Dress for success on the trail with my best recommendations.


Click here to learn about the products I use to filter water and stay hydrated.

Hiking Boots

Click here to learn about the hiking boots that I highly recommend.


Click here to learn about the different drones that I fly and recommend.


Avoid a sore back and shoulders by choosing a great hiking backpack.


Stay prepared for just about anything with my comprehensive list.

Credit Cards

See how travel reward credit cards can be a key part of your gear bag.


Find out what you need to be ready for camping in most situations.