RHIP Sponsors Great White Shark Dive and More in South Africa

If you have been following along with Roulette Travel lately, you might know that RHIP Packs has been a proud sponsor of ours for a few months now. They have also stepped up to be a Gold Sponsor for my upcoming trip to South Africa with Rachel at RachelMeetsPlanet.com. We are going to be spending two weeks traveling from Johannesburg to Cape Town, embarking on all sorts of adventures along the way – and one in particular is going to cross something big off of my bucket list!

Photo courtesy of Kate with @katekeepsitmovin

If you couldn’t tell from the title, (or the picture above courtesy of KateKeepsItMovin.com), RHIP is helping to fund an adrenaline fueled day cage diving with Great White Sharks off the coast of Cape Town. I’ll use the bag to carry and store my camera gear as we make our way out to the dive site – and, pending boat rules, will also take the small dive pack underwater with me during the dive with my phone inside.

Wait a second? A shark dive where I bring my phone? Their packs are both modular (see gif below) and watertight – something I have not found with any other backpack so far. This isn’t a blind leap (or dive of faith) however, as I recently tested out the RHIP bags, and found that they are indeed completely watertight – check out my review here.

I can use the bag as a rollerboard, a hiking backpack, or even a small day bag/dive bag – and after reviewing the bags previously, I know that all of my camera gear and phone are safe from water damage. The bag even floats if it somehow is lost overboard (or I can’t find a lifejacket). Finally, you can also use the bag’s valve system to compress down things such as clothes when you are using it as a rollerboard, helping you fit that little bit extra bit into the overhead storage container.

If for some reason it turns out that I am not shark proof, but the RHIP bags are, I will have Rachel post an updated review. I’ll make sure that all of the snacks from our snack sponsors are cleaned out of the bag prior to the dive (not sure if sharks like trail mix and beef jerky, but thats a blog post that I would prefer not to have to write).

Roulette Travel is made possible through our proud sponsors and the gear that they provide. Without them, many of my recent and future trips would not have been possible! Keep an eye out on instagram for upcoming stories featuring RHIP Packs while we travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town!

For more information about having your company, brand or gear featured in our upcoming trip by becoming a sponsor, visit our blog post here!

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