RHIP Packs

RHIP has created a pack that does something few other packs can’t – protect your gear from all of the elements, in a variety of configurations.  RHIP features a modular design – I have the packs that feature a roller board attachment, a rigid frame hiking attachment, and a smaller day pack with a yoke-style backpack attachment.

The bags are made from high quality materials that give you the confidence to carry and store your gear.  Perhaps the most important feature though – is that they are all watertight.  That’s right – not waterproof, but watertight.  The bags can be fully submerged, even with electronics inside – for extended periods of time at depths up to a few meters.  Many other bags on the market feature a waterproof cover – but you would never dare to submerge them.

To buy your own RHIP pack, visit rhip.co.uk! RHIP has also decided to become a Gold Sponsor for my upcoming trip to South Africa in July 2019.

So, lets start off with a walk through of the different components of the RHIP bag, and its possible configurations:

  • Main Bag – backpack/carry-on sized bag.  Features two mesh pockets on the inside
  • Smaller Dive/Day Bag – a smaller bag that can be used as an outer attachment on the larger bag
  • Rollerboard Attachment – this small frame allows the larger back to attach to it and become a carry-on sized rollerboard
  • Hiking Harness and Backplate  – easily turn the RHIP Equipment bag into your hiking backpack of choice.  The rigid frame easily distributes the weight of the bag and its contents

And now, lets touch on some of the best features about the RHIP bag:

  • Completely watertight
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Valve system to control buoyancy
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Removable interior foam padding
  • Modular system for quick change between setups
  • Easily fits in carry-on overhead storage
  • Comfortable and durable padded shoulder straps
  • Waist and chest support strap when in backpack configuration
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