New Sponsorship Opportunity – Roulette Travel and Rachel Meets Planet Travel to South Africa

On July 28, 2019, Rachel Hale (an animal behaviorist and conversvationalist) and I will be meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, to begin a 2 week road trip ending in Cape Town. The mission of the trip is to engage with National Park Staff, researchers, and zoologists (while also experiencing some incredible adventures along the way) on behalf of the Rachel Meets Planet Wildlife Conservation Non-Profit.

According to Rachel’s mission statement, “The ultimate goal through conservation is to protect; we aim to protect animals and their ecosystems by serving as a voice for the voiceless and by initiating and pioneering behavioral conservation projects that help animals have increased rates of survival in nature. We want to help guide donations to where they are needed most. We want to help bring you with us on this journey to show others how our everyday actions have widespread and lasting impacts.”

This trip to Africa will serve as the ground-breaking trip for her efforts, while I will be working to film the trip for a mini-series to be released shortly thereafter. Last year, a video with Rachel and Bolingo, the Gorilla she most closely works with at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, went viral across various news and media networks, and we are hoping to replicate that success.

During the trip, we will be embarking on some of the following adventures, and we are still planning out more as we get closer to our arrival date:

  • Safari in Marloth Park
  • Travel through the world’s only country inside of a country – Lesotho
  • Explore the beaches of Cape Town
  • Visit to South Africa Conservation fr the Conservation of Coastal Birds
  • Shark and whale watching charter
  • Great White Shark Dive
  • Hiking in national parks
  • River canoeing
  • And much, much more!

During the trip, we will be producing content in the following ways:

What this means for your brand or organization is that we can provide an incredible sponsorship opportunity! Check out the various sponsorship levels below, or feel free to request something specific!

Bronze – $200

  • Flight sponsorship – 3 instagram story posts tagging and mentioning your brand/company during flight, layover meal, and seat upgrade (if applicable)

Silver $350

  • 5 Instagram story posts (on both @roulette_travel and @rachelmeetsplanet) with your gear/product featured, and a swipe up to your website or landing page of choice
  • 2 high quality pictures of your gear/product in use, sent to you to use at will (photo portfolio)
  • 2 quotes about your gear/product for marketing purposes
  • Credit in YouTube Series end reel

Gold – $850

  • All of the Bronze Package
  • Blog post about your organization’s sponsorship
  • Voice over mention and thank you in at least one YouTube video
  • Sponsorship of a specific activity with 3 additional story posts on day of activity
  • Blog post review of your product/service

Platinum – $1,500

  • All above features from Bronze and Gold Package
  • Credit in YouTube opening reel
  • YouTube video review of your gear/product. Example gear review
  • Featured post in My Gear Bag for 6 months
  • Blog post on

Ultimate – $5,000

  • All of the above features from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Licensing of all B-Roll footage that includes your gear or product, or up to 10 minutes of footage from trip to use for your own marketing purposes
  • 5 Additional Roulette Travel Blog posts during trip about key activities sponsored by your organization
  • Your apparel (or custom branded apparel) worn throughout all filmed sections of YouTube Series
  • All instagram story posts regarding your sponsorship included in story highlights for 12 months
  • Reviews of your product (if applicable) on your own website, Google, Amazon, etc.

To get in touch about these options, click below to send me an email!


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