New Roulette Travel Sponsor: Sunglass Warehouse!

If you have been following along with Roulette Travel over the past few months, you know just how much of a struggle there has been to both find and keep a good pair of affordable sunglasses. It has started to seem like too regular of a thing when I keep grabbing cheap pairs of sunglasses from the dollar store, quick marts, convenience stores, etc.

Yet another broken pair in North Carolina

Some have fallen down ravines, some been sat on, some lenses easily scratched, some left on counter tops, you get the idea. But, I was still looking for some sunglasses that offered that irresistible combo – inexpensive and quality made. I’m just not made for expensive sunglasses – as you can see in the picture below, I have to use two hands to wear nice sunglasses out of the fear that I’ll break another pair. Just not feasible.

And so, we are proud to announce that the Sunglass Warehouse will not only be supplying a ton of pairs for our upcoming trip, but also becoming a Silver Sponsor to help get us on more adventures where we can see (through polarized lenses), just how great the Sunglass Warehouse glasses are!

With most pairs ranging from around $12-$18, Sunglass Warehouse provides affordable and polarized glasses in a variety of styles – with all the quality of more expensive brands, but without the anxiety of dollars down the drain if you happen to lose or break a pair. Or drop them off a cliff. Or sit on them. Or put them through the wash. Or leave them in a rental car in Spain (see below). I could go on for a while here.

Sunglass Warehouse’s mission is to empower people to experience more – whether that be international travel or bungee jumping, exploring a new city and its vibrant restaurants, or just spending time with friends and family in your own backyard. In our case, it will be for activities such as hiking, shark diving, safaris, road tripping, interviewing researchers, and much much more in South Africa.

You can see all of the adventures that Sunglass Warehouse customers embark on by looking at the #getoutthere hashtag on instagram. Sunglass Warehouse is certainly showing just how much they believe in that mission by helping supply and fund our upcoming trip!

From Sunglass Warehouse’s Instagram Feed

And, the Sunglass Warehouse doesn’t just help supply and support adventurers, but they also work to give back to those in need. The Sunglass Warehouse supplies Timmy Global Health, an organization that works to expand global healthcare and tackle some of the world’s toughest medical challenges. If the sunglasses themselves weren’t a good enough reason to buy from them, knowing that some of the profits go to a good cause (and happy employees too, according to glassdoor).

Roulette Travel is made possible through our proud sponsors and the gear that they provide. Without them, many of my recent and future trips would not have been possible! Keep an eye out on instagram for upcoming stories featuring our new Sunglass Warehouse glasses while we travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town! If you’d like to get some low cost shades that also give back to a great cause, just head on over to!

For more information about having your company, brand or gear featured in our upcoming trip by becoming a sponsor, visit our blog post here!

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