The Trip and People who Helped me Quit my Day Job

A story I’ve never really put into words about what led me to put in my 2 weeks notice nearly a year ago now –

I was on the fence for a while. Security is addictive, as is a steady paycheck. I was on my way to Salt Lake City, for a conference regarding state budgeting systems. 
On my flight, I sat next to an older gentleman, who told me about his recent retirement from him real estate firm. Turns out, he had gone out on his own over 20 years ago, never looking back. Looking back, I’m glad he was retired and that I saw that as a lesson rather than a potential networking opportunity. 
On the next leg, I sat between @kensrareearth and @katelyna3 . The flight stayed mostly silent, until I spilled water that landed on Ken and his backpacker magazine – turns out, he also left to go out on his own, and had become a well published nature photographer. His only regret – not doing it sooner. Katelyn, a nurse, was returning from a trip, and shared stories about travels and some Salt Lake City insights. If I had sat next to a strong lead also attending the conference, a closed deal might have kept me around longer. 
When I landed, I took the rental car and headed straight for the closest mountains I could find – Little Cottonwood Canyon. Something called me out there – maybe a little panic about another conference, the pressure for sales, idk. 
While on my way over, I was pulled over for making a last minute crazy turn that I was definitely in the wrong for. An officer, who had to be at least 4 years my junior, showed up at my window. You know when you see someone and they look like a kid? He let me off, but not without that little seed of thought that I wasn’t getting any younger.

While in the canyon, I jokingly sent a snap saying I should quit my job – @barefoodandbarefoot replied “you won’t”. I’m forever grateful for that snarky quote – something about someone telling me I can’t do something lights that little fire.

Then, at the conference, the guest speaker happened to be Lou Houltz. What I clung onto most was that he talked about how you’ll never be successful if you’re not doing something you love.

I quit 2 days later.

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