“Through the Looking Glass” Phone Pics

If you like these types of pictures, and are wondering how to take them, keep reading.  While driving through the Adirondack Mountains, I stumbled upon the field that you see in the first picture.  I had recently bought one of these, and happened to pull it out of my bag, as it can also help cut down on glare with the polarized lens.

While putting the wide angle lens up to my iPhone camera, I stopped for a second, and happened to look through and see the first picture above.  I snapped the picture, and it turned out to be a hit.  Almost everywhere I visit, I usually get one of these pictures, and they can really create a cool look, and found another way to use a wide angle lens.

The trick is to focus the lens about 2-3 inches from your camera, and tap the area within the lens.  This will help to get the blurry outer edge while the area inside the lens looks crisp and clear.  If you are taking the picture to use on instagram, it helps to set your phone to the square shooting mode, so that you know exactly what you are going to get.

If you want to get these same type of shots, check out this wide angle lens kit. I went through about three different brands and style before I settled on this one.  You can feel the quality – its actually a pretty heavy piece.  In the regular wide angle pictures, you don’t get as much distortion as you would with a lot of the wide angle and fish eye lenses available on the market.

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