How to Shoot Steady iPhone Video

Ever go on a trip, and you find a moment that you want record, only to find that the video is nearly unwatchable later? When we record video on our phones, our eyes’ naturally tendencies make the video seem clear while you are recording, while that is not the case.

After a year of being entirely disappointed with any video that I made on my iPhone, I finally made the best investment and bought a gimbal for my phone.

What is a gimbal? A gimbal is a motorized system for your iPhone that uses accelerometers and sensors to counteract your movements, vibrations, and jerky phone movements.  Its like how your neck keeps your sight steady while you are walking, despite the movement in your body.

Since making that purchase, the quality of my iPhone video has improved tremendously.  Here is a sample of a video I shot with the iPhone gimbal in Cuba.  As you can see, the video is nearly shake free, and walking shots are incredibly steady.

With the gimbal, you simply pop your phone into the bracket, and activate the gimbal through the DJI application on your phone.  You can control the gimbal and your camera’s movement through the joystick on the handle.  It is also a great way to get long exposure shots with your iPhone, or get the perfect panorama shot.

There are a few downsides to this product, however:

  • As you are using  your phone’s camera. you will not be able to easily access or use your phone for other things when it is in the gimbal bracket.
  • If you have a larger phone, such as an iPhone plus series or a Samsung Galaxy, the gimbal might not work as well due to heavier weight.
  • The carrying case can be bulky, and when you put the gimbal in and out of the case, you might have to recalibrate the settings.
  • The gimbal will most likely not work with anything but the slimmest of phone cases.

Overall, the benefits of having a gimbal to get steady phone video far outweigh the drawbacks.  Also, there are options for gimbals that have their own camera, and thus don’t require you to use your phone!

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