How to Reduce (or even Eliminate) the Pesky AirBnB Cleaning Fees

We’ve all had it happen – you find a perfect spot to stay, and it looks like its right in your budget. Then, when going to confirm your reservation – you see that astronomical cleaning fee. Okay, so in reality it usually ranges from $10-$50 per stay – which has the most impact on a solo traveler who might just need to stay one night.

Coming from an AirBnB SuperHost who has two shared spaces (each with a cleaning fee of $10), I can say that the biggest expense for this fee comes from the cost of doing the laundry for the beds. Since both of my listings are shared spaces where I also live, I keep most of the shared spaces clean on a regular basis. So, for me – I am willing to waive the cleaning fee for a one night stay if my guests are willing to bring their own sheets and bedding!

Since a lot of roadtrippers might already have their favorite bedding with them, this is an easy solution to save $5-10 per night if you are regularly in and out of AirBnBs.

The best way to go about this is to message the host and simply ask if they would be willing to refund some or all of the cleaning fee after your stay if you provide your own sheets and linens. It doesn’t take much extra effort, and you would be surprised that hosts are pretty flexible when it comes to this. It will also help your case if you have a lot of reviews that shows hosts you are already a trustworthy guest in the AirBnB community.

While this little trick is never a guarantee, it never hurts to give it a try!

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