Roulette Travel Catskills Cleanup Day – Saturday November 2, 2019

The Catskill Mountains offer a serene escape to millions of people throughout New York and the Northeast – and for the most part, is well maintained under the principles of “Carry In, Carry Out” and “Leave No Trace.” Unfortunately, due to the volume of visitors, there is inevitably a large amount of trash that accumulates along the scenic roads, trailhead parking lots, creek beds and mountaintops.

Luckily – we have the power to do something about this, and help keep the park beautiful for all its future guests (and animal inhabitants!). On Saturday November 2, Roulette Travel will be hosting a cleanup day in the Great Northern Catskills. Come out for a day of giving back to the mountains, sharing the principles of “Leave No Trace” with others who are new to hiking, enjoying refreshments, and a chance to win some cool prizes!

While there is no cost to participate, a $10 donation to the Catskill Center is suggested. The Catskill Center works to ensure a bright future for the economy, environment and culture of the Catskills. You can check out their website here to learn more about what they do or to consider becoming a member.

Trash removed during a short walk around this sign along Route 23A

Cleanup Details

Time and Date: Saturday, November 2, 2019 – 10am

Supplies: Gloves and Bags will be available if needed

Meeting Location: Catskill Mountaintop Historical Society Parking Lot, Route 23A, NY (a $5 donation towards parking is also suggested but not required)

What to Wear: Weather will be cool/cold (high in the high 40’s) – please wear layers and a jacket, hat/gloves and sturdy, closed toed shoes (hiking shoes preferred)

Water and Refreshments: If possible, PLEASE bring your own reusable water bottle! I will have some snacks and refreshments during the cleanup, but you may want to bring your own lunch as well!

Raffle Prize: Eastern Mountain Sports $50 Gift Card (with potentially more as we look for additional sponsors)!


To signup for Saturday’s Cleanup, please use the form below, and I will get in touch with you shortly, and look forward to seeing you at the cleanup!

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