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I began working on my shuttle bus conversion in September of 2018. One of the biggest obstacles was figuring out how to power my electronics and mini-fridge.  At some point, I will be adding a full auxiliary battery system, but for the time being, Jackery has stepped in to provide some electrons!

The Jackery Explorer 440 provides a few key capabilities:

  • 440 watts of battery storage
  • 110v household style outlet
  • USB Chargers
  • DC Cigarette-Outlet style charger
  • Solar Charging Capability
  • Built in Flashlight

While I am still early on in my build, and have not gotten the van out on the road yet, I have already found some additional use cases for the Jackery Explorer 440:

  • Spare power for home/apartment in areas where you can’t have a generator
  • Camera charger while on set at videography jobs

So far, I haven’t had a full day of sunlight and power use to test how well the 100-watt solar panel works, but in about 2 hours, it looked like it gained around 18-20% of battery charge. ¬†Unfortunately, the panel is not waterproof, so I can’t permanently attach it to the roof or exterior of the van, but rather move it outside on clear days when stationary. ¬†I am still trying to figure out a way to hang it inside an interior window so that it can also get light while in use.

They also make the Jackery Explorer Power Pack in smaller 160W and 240W sizes, which offer a smaller footprint, just with less charge capacity. I will have to look into this further, but I think you might be able to fly with the smaller sizes, which you cannot do with the larger Explorer 440.

To get your own Jackery Power Pack or accessories, visit the links below:

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