DJI Osmo Handheld Camera

If you’re curious how I get such smooth video – its not because of some magically steady hands.  This device has transformed the quality of my video production.

I bought this gadget on a whim after I got tired of moving my phone in and out of the gimbal.  The iPhone video was quality was great, but the DJI Osmo took it to another level.

The DJI Osmo is an all-in-one gimbal (stabilizer system that takes out the ‘shake’ and smoothes your movements) and high quality camera capable of shooting in 4k.  You can clip your phone into the Osmo’s side mount to get a live feed and additional control, but it is not required to operate the unit.  Your phone can connect via Wifi, and offers remote operability if you prop up the Osmo, have another person hold it, or splurge and get the separate tripod (its on my list of equipment to buy).

You can control the camera with a small joystick, a long press-hold-drag action on the phone screen while connected, or a trigger on the front of the handle that can either re-center the camera or swivel it around to get a selfie.  It also makes for a cool video edit with a perfectly smooth and level spin of the camera.



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