Cliff Jumping Adventure

Take a plunge off of a 25 foot waterfall into the deep (and refreshing) pool beneath. Just watching jumpers can get the adrenaline pumping – just wait until you try it yourself!  Just 2.5 hours from New York City and available as an add-on to any hiking tour, this adventure is perfect for the summer.

Occasionally, the locals will also come out to join – and they can put on quite the show. From flying gainers and backflips, to daring climbs and jumps from the trees above, this makes for an incredible spectacle just to watch from the sidelines.


Cliff jumping tours are available in combination with our Waterfall and Valley adventure for an additional $150, or as a standalone experience for $250, for up to two people.

Guest Requirements

  • 18 Years or older
  • Completion of Liability Waiver
  • Strong swimming ability


“Our hike with Brian was one of the best experiences we’ve had in the states. He was knowledgeable, well prepared, and fun to talk to. The hike was challenging but not too difficult and was very enjoyable. We ended our afternoon with a 10 meter jump off of a waterfall, which was very exciting.” – Sarah, June 2019

“Best hike I’ve ever done. It was a day we will never forget. Brian is awesome.” – Yousef, June 2019

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